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Dr. Gilman, Thank you and your staff for your kindness and support during a very difficult time. We loved our dog Binks and miss him very much.

The Butlers

To Bay Animal Hospital, Thank you for your care and support of Gus' health and well being for all these years.

The Snowberger family

Dear Dr. Gilman and staff, Snafu and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude for the tender care she received during her spay. She has bounced back to her normal, enthusiastic self and never appeared to have been uncomfortable.

The Burna family

Dear Bay Animal Hospital, I would like to thank you for your outstanding care of Samson and Sofie. It is so very comforting to know they are in such loving and caring hands. You are greatly appreciated for all you do!

The Coughlin family

Dear Dr. Gilman and Everyone, I know this is long overdue, but I want to thank all of you for everything you did to keep Wednesday with me. You are amazing people and you were all so friendly and comforting - you really made me feel like I was not alone. And I know despite her crankiness, she really did like your smiles and scratches on her head. I miss her a ton, but I know that together we gave her great care and a lot of love. You truly are a class act and made us feel important every step of the way. There is no good way to convey the depth of my gratitude.

The Messineo family

To the Staff of Bay Animal Hospital, Thank you for all the love and care you provided to our boy, Higgins. We truly appreciate all you did to help and support us through the years.

The Knapp family

Dear Bay Animal Hospital Staff, Thank you all for being such an incredible staff. Thank you for loving our Norman and telling us that he was an angel each time you saw him because that is exactly what he is. He is an angel that we were blessed with for such a short time. To each of you who knew Norman and to each of you who work at Bay Animal Hospital because you love animals.Thank you for being so gentle and loving to our pets. It makes a difference to us and that's why Norman loved coming to see you.

The Riegler family

Dear everyone at Bay Animal, Thank you so much for caring for Kitty Teddy all last week and all your devoted attention.

The Curran family

Dear Dr. Goodell, We wanted to thank you for the kind phone calls and nice card signed by everyone at Bay Animal Hospital. It meant a lot to us that you took the time to express your sympathy with Jasmine's passing. We really appreciate the consideration and thoughtfulness - it helped a lot.

The Sacks family

Dear Staff, Thank you so very much for being so sweet to our dog, Gus.

The Whites family

Dr. Bailey, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and your staff did for Goo. You were all so supportive and compassionate and I know Goo was in good hands.

The Taylor family

Dear Dr. Gilman, We wanted to express our heartfelt thanks for the many years of wonderful and expert care you gave to Chase. That being said, the greatest service you gave us was your offer to come to our home and allow Chase to pass on in the comfort and dignity surrounded by those he loved. In addition, your calm and reassuring words provided us much comfort and helped us realize that we made the right decision. One additional comment: we have enjoyed the friendly and efficient service of many fine technicians and receptionists and staff at Bay Animal Hospital over the years. Thank you for your loving and caring ways. We will forever appreciate this.

The Wennekemp family

Dr. Quinn, Thank you so much for your excellent care and concern for Maggie. The staff at Bay Animal Hospital were great and very caring too. We had a great experience with choosing veterinary care.

The Ninegar family

To Dr. Steen and the Staff at Bay Animal Hosiptal, Thank you! Not only for Tuckers surgery today but for your care and concern during Fe's illness and our loss. It hasn't been an easy month but we are glad you're here for us.

The Rasmussen family

Dear Dr. Goodell and staff, I just want to thank all of you for the loving care you gave Barkley over the years. Words cannot express my gratitude.

The Westgate family

Bay Animal Hospital, thank you all so much for the support you have given us during the years. Thank you for your caring and compassion that you blessed us with. We can never thank you enough.

The Ashenfelter family

Dear Dr. Goodell, my brother and I want to thank you and your entire staff for the care given to Doc, for over the past 12 years. You're very fortunate to have such compassionate people both at reception and behind the closed doors. It made Doc's "visits" more tolerable for him and for us as well. We were shown much respect and concern when it came to his general welfare. We thank all of you for that.

The Ruger family