Doctor Assistant Level 1

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Review Doctors’ appointment schedules
  2. Confirm that charts are prepped and ready
  3. Anticipate client arrivals- i.e. need assistance, aggressive patients, euthanasia
  4. Be able to account for every client in the lobby at all times, enlist reception help if needed
  5. Make sure clients get checked in/out and put in rooms in a timely fashion; assist in checking in clients, if needed
  6. Take a history from the client (Rooming Questions)
    • Accommodate any special needs or requests and communicate them with doctors
    • Advise doctors that the clients are roomed and ready for them
  7. Discharging patients
    • Answer questions
    • Review discharge instructions (if applicable)
    • Review special instructions (how to clean ear, instill meds, collar removal, pressure bandages, etc.)
  8. Assist with entering charges, printing lab test requisition forms, etc.
  9. Facilitate filling of medications by pharmacy tech or fill meds (as needed)
  10. Review medications with clients (as needed)
  11. Troubleshoot why clients are waiting (in exam rooms or in the lobby)


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