Doctors Assistant Level 2

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Doctors Assistant Level 2 duties

  • Follow up calls – critical & non critical
    • Surgery call backs
    • Follow-up calls for progress exam, updates & client compliance w/ recommendations
  • Lab work
    • Print lab work results daily for each doctor
    • Call negative fecals, HW & within normal limits pre-ops to schedule
    • Monitor doctor not stated and other misc. reporting errors
  • Antech requisition management within Avimark
  • Treatment Plans
    • Generate canned Treatment Plans – general and doctor specific
    • Deliver to clients – email, in rooms, over the phone, pre-surgical, intraoperative
  • Patient discharges
    • Review invoices for accuracy before discharge
    • Provide client instructions for EVERY discharge
    • Follow up with clients next day after discharge
  • Daily tasks from doctors – patient transfers, coordinating referral records for appointments, etc. This is the last priority following the other above duties
  • Other duties as assigned by Management
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