Pharmacy Technician

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Pharmacy Technician Job Description

Responsibilities Include:

  • Filling medications for
    • all hospitalized patients
    • all appts
    • requests by phone/email/walk-in
    • all surgeries
    • any doctor requests as they come
  • Calling in RX’s to outside pharmacies
  • Calling clients
    • when meds ready
    • questions regarding meds
  • Reviewing meds with clients when here for apt
  • Inventory & Stock
    • accurate counts of meds
    • making sure pharm is well stocked
    • updating want/need list daily
    • stocking in-hospital use meds
    • filling in for Purchasing Manager as needed
  • Purchasing meds, pet portal requests, food delivery and special orders
  • In house blood work – Abaxis machine
    • run blank every morning on Abaxis
    • routine maintenance on Abaxis
    • change Reagent pack PRN
  • Assist technicians as needed with handling and restraint, vaccines, injections, recovery, rooming clients, etc.
  • Assisting receptionists as need with operator back up
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