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Ultrasound Is in The House! An ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool that creates a real-time image of an animal’s body—and Bay Animal Hospital offers this service for your pets right in our hospital! Just like with human ultrasounds, the resulting composite image can reveal important information about internal processes including the circulatory, skeletal and … Read moreUltrasound

In-House Laboratory

In-House Lab

Our pets can’t tell us when something is wrong, but we can use scientific testing and our veterinary experience to discover underlying diseases and disorders. Bay Animal Hospital’s in-house laboratory features advanced diagnostic equipment that we use to examine and test tissue samples. This technology pinpoints health problems and allows us to begin correct treatments. … Read moreIn-House Laboratory

Emergency & Critical Care

Pet Emergency

If your pet has an urgent medical need, call Bay Animal Hospital immediately at 310-545-6596. For after-hours emergency pet care, please contact: VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center: (310) 542-8018 VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center is a multi-specialty referral and emergency hospital serving pet owners throughout Southern California. We trust that they will provide your pet … Read moreEmergency & Critical Care



Keep track of your pet Nearly one out of every three pets will become lost at some point in their lives. Microchips are an incredibly simple, inexpensive and effective way to help lost pets get found, and they keep pets out of animal shelters. These tiny chips serve as permanent pet identification, as they cannot … Read moreMicrochipping

Senior Wellness

Senior Care

Just like they do with people, senior animals’ medical needs change over time. In fact, pets age nearly seven times faster than humans do. As your cat or dog gets older, they require different nutrition programs and exercise routines. Plus, they are prone to a variety of new diseases once they reach senior status. Common … Read moreSenior Wellness

Parasite Prevention

Parasite Prevention

Get rid of those pesky critters. Your pet is an easy target for parasites and small insects. Common parasites like fleas, ticks and heartworm-carrying mosquitoes feed on your pets, potentially infecting them with many dangerous diseases in the process. These tiny pests can cause big problems. Fleas Fleas feed on mammals and lay eggs in … Read moreParasite Prevention


Pet Vaccinations

Young animals are like children; it’s a never-ending job to keep them safe and happy. Vaccinations are the best weapon against many viral and bacterial infections, and they help prevent deadly diseases like canine parvovirus and rabies. It’s important to give vaccinations when pets are still puppies and kittens. While pets are young, their immune … Read moreVaccinations