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All your pet’s care under one roof.

Bay Animal Hospital’s full-service pharmacy is your best option for filling pet prescriptions. In addition to our dependable service, convenience, and great value, our ability to access your pet’s complete medical history ensures all information is up to date. This way, dangerous side effects from drug interactions and improperly administered medications are avoided.

The Bay Animal Hospital pharmacy maintains a large inventory of leading veterinary medications and pharmaceutical products. We offer a full line of preventative products that protect against fleas, ticks, and heartworms. We also provide potent anesthetics and antibiotics to facilitate recovery after surgery, injury, or chronic illness. We guarantee all medication purchased from our inventory is sourced from safe, reliable manufacturers using industry-leading standards for quality and storage.

When filling your prescriptions, our experienced pharmacy technicians will provide you with drug-specific information, including proper dosing and administration, potential side effects, and known drug interactions. Our goal is to leave you confident, informed, and prepared to administer your pet’s medications safely and effectively.

Should you notice any medical issues or abnormal behavior after giving your pet medication, please contact Bay Animal Hospital immediately.

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