vet doing pet ultrasound
Ultrasound Is in The House!

An ultrasound is a powerful diagnostic tool that creates a real-time image of an animal’s body—and Bay Animal Hospital offers this service for your pets right in our hospital!

Just like with human ultrasounds, the resulting composite image can reveal important information about internal processes including the circulatory, skeletal, and gastrointestinal systems, helping identify disease, blockages, and internal injury. And because you don’t need a referral to another hospital for your pet to have this done, results are faster and any necessary treatments start sooner.

While these procedures are painless for your pet, most do require sedation and or anesthesia because the patient must remain completely still. Our anesthetists monitor every patient who undergoes anesthesia.

Have questions about ultrasound or other diagnostics? Call us at (310) 545-6596.

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