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Why Is My Vet Hospital So Busy?

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Why Is My Vet Hospital So Busy?

High adoption rates coupled with an industry staffing shortage are two of the main reasons we’re busier than ever lately. Here are a few more:

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More Patients Per Vet

  • Pets need catch-up care they were unable to get in 2020
  • Increased pet adoptions during quarantine
  • An ongoing national shortage of vets, making it difficult to hire doctors
  • More owner/pet interactions while working from home increased health awareness
  • Increased anxiety for both pet and owner

Less Staff Availability

  • Increased workload to staff ratio
  • Workplace illness/pandemic protocols have changed and are more time-consuming
  • School and daycare closures or homeschooling demands

We are doing everything we can to continue to provide excellent veterinary care for your pets. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your next visit:

What Hasn’t Changed

  • Our love for animals and what we do
  • Our commitment to see that, no matter what, your pets get the highest quality care
  • Our connection with you and your beloved pets

How You can Help

  • Understand that we can’t always fit in same-day cases when our schedule is full. If your pet needs urgent or emergency care, we may need to reluctantly refer you to an ER clinic
  • Schedule exams, vaccinations, and other routine care as far in advance as possible

Please be patient, considerate, and kind to our staff!

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